Escape of 21-Year-Old Murder Suspect from Broward County Courtroom Was Likely Pre-Planned

On Saturday, Sheriff Scott Israel told that the escape of 21-year-old Dayonte Omar Resiles from a Browrad County courtroom on Friday seems “pre-planned.”

Resiles was accused of murdering 59-year-old Jill Halliburton Su in the month of September 2014. He stabbed the victim during a burglary at her Davie home.

Dayonte Omar Resiles disappeared from the courtroom where inmates, attorneys, visitors and 2 unarmed, civilian bailiffs were present. His black-and-white striped prison jumpsuit and handcuffs were found on a hallway floor.

According to officials, the detectives came to know on Saturday that Resiles had a weapon.

The escape is said as his “worst fear” by Israel. Now the deputies and Fort Lauderdale police are searching for him. A housing complex in the city is searched as well as the aboard boats docked in nearby canals.

According to Davie Police Capt. Dale Engle, “As soon as we found out this man escaped, we went to provide them peace of mind. We’ve provided extra patrols in the area in case the suspect tries to return to the scene of the crime.”

Lawyer H. Dohn Williams told about Resiles that he is a soft spoken person. Williams added, “Resiles always has been very optimistic about the potential outcome” of the case, which was to get the death penalty off the table.

Police said about Resiles that he is a serial burglar. He currently has pending charges for burglary in Plantation, Miramar and Oakland Park.

A Surveillance video showed Resiles wearing black shorts and a white T-shirt as he was escaping through a door toward daylight and the New River, on the north side of the courthouse complex at 200 SE Sixth St. and Southeast Third Avenue in Fort Lauderdale.

He was alone when he escaped, according to the investigators.

Prior to his escape, he was in a jurors’ box where a large number of prisoners were present awaiting hearings before Circuit Judge Raag Singhal. There were many attorneys in the 4th floor courtroom.

With chains in their waists fixed to their wrists and ankles, suspects are brought from jail to courtroom for the hearing, so that they can’t escape. But Resiles succeeded in getting himself free.

“Resiles was appropriately shackled as far as wearing a waist shackle. Whether or not it was secure, we’ll find out as we investigate,” said Israel.

Lawyer Jim Lewis was present in the courtroom at the time Resiles fled and said he heard a bang while another attorney was involved in conversation with Singhal. He then saw Resiles leaving the jury box and running through the swinging door that separates the bar from the public.

He had to cross 2 large doors to escape and approach the hall, stairs and elevators.

Lewis said, “The [bailiff] went after him, actually had his hand on the inmate’s collar, but he got loose and went through the courtroom door. Apparently the guy got out the second door, the [bailiff] lost his footing and the guy slipped off his suit. In a flash, he was gone.” He added that Resiles then opened the second door with force, “real hard on a female prosecutor, who is pregnant.”

Assistant state attorney Kerrie Harper was the attorney hit by the door. Fortunately, she didn’t sustain any injury.

Prosecutor Brian Cavanagh said Resiles flight, “happened in the blink of an eye. This guy was quick. He must have been waiting for an opportunity.”

The proceedings were stopped quickly by the judge and he said about the morning’s events “a very stressful situation. I’ve reset all my cases until next Friday.”

The dogs with the cops and deputies searched the courthouse. After 2 hours, part of the courthouse opened again for the public.

According to Israel, “We need additional people.”

Resiles “defeated the perimeter before we even got it in place”, he didn’t give a second so that the deputies can surround the building and grounds to avoid his escape.

Israel asked the public for assistance. He requested, “You see something, say something. If you think you see anyone that looks like Mr. Resiles, call it in. Inundate our call takers with calls. If you think you know where he is, if you think you know where he might be or you think you know where he might be going, if you think you see him, call us up.”

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