Fort Lauderdale Escort Drugged Clients Before Stealing Their Valuables

Ashley Done, 26, turned herself in to the Broward’s Sheriff’s Office after allegedly seducing and drugging men before robbing them. The seductive rampage at times included an accomplice who has been identified as Penny Barbosa, and the two have victimized men from Broward to Miami — even in New York City.

Done was an escort who would often meet up with clients at the Blue Martini — an upscale bar in Fort Lauderdale. Depending on the circumstance, Done would drug her clients (the drug of choice has not yet been confirmed), wait until the victim would fall asleep, and then steal all of their pricey belongings.

Charles Zioch, one of Done’s most recent victims, met up with Done at the Blue Martini. The pair had several drinks at the bar before deciding to pick up Barbosa for a threesome. Done and Zioch drove over to Solid Gold in Oakland Park to pick Barbosa up, and the three of them headed over to Zioch’s nearby apartment.

Zioch took off his rolex, and placed it on his bedroom dresser before going to the bathroom. Once he returned to the room, the two escorts had already left with all of his valuables, including the Rolex. Zioch was just one of many men who were victimized by the women, but luckily was not drugged.

Police were able to identify Done via surveillance footage after committing a similar crime in New York City. Done met up with a 45-year old tourist from Thailand. The man took Done back to his hotel room at the Hyatt Times Square where Done allegedly drugged him. The man told the police that he did not remember anything, but woke up to find his Rolex, Versace necklace, and $2,000 in cash missing.

The Broward Sheriff’s Office is asking any other potential victims to come forward with more information.

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